The great war for civilisation: The conquest of the Middle East - Robert Fisk

A book of searing drama as well as lucid, incisive analysis, The Great War for Civilisation is a work of major importance for today's world.
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Agent of the In...
Sep 26 2013 23:17

How do we use mobi? Aren't these books available in any other format? Preferably, epub? PDF?

Sep 26 2013 23:36

Mobi files are for Kindle. Converting them only takes a few seconds using a website like, so if you do convert it if you could upload the new files as well that would be great

Agent of the In...
Sep 26 2013 23:44

Done. I don't know how it would look though.

Sep 27 2013 01:07

EPUB/MOBI files usually convert back and forth pretty cleanly, there shouldnt be any loss of chapter divisions or anything.

Apr 3 2014 23:41

But the passenger behind tapped me urgently on the shoulder. “Look!” he gasped, and pointed to his forehead. I looked at his face and could not understand. “Look!” he said more urgently and placed his right hand flat on top of his head, as if it was a hat. Hat. Yes, there was something missing from the Soviet Tajik soldiers’ grey fur hats. They had removed the red star from their hats. They stood looking at us, darker-skinned than their Russian comrades, bereft now of the communist brotherhood in which they had grown up.

I wonder if there was a mutiny brewing in the Soviet army during the invasion of Afghanistan?

Rory Reid
Jan 2 2018 22:34

Added PDF