The guillotine at work, part 1: the Leninist counter-revolution


Oct 4 2013 20:49
A pdf copy is really essential.
Oct 4 2013 22:03
It should be easy enough to convert through Calibre
Apr 6 2014 03:28
deleted: erroneous
Jun 23 2014 15:56
Excuse me, is there an italian edition? thanks!
Sep 1 2016 17:15
So apparently the mobi and epub versions of this are formatted incorrectly (someone on twitter got in touch to say). Not had time to look myself yet but has anyone had a look?
Sep 1 2016 17:26
Here's what they said the specific issue was: Quote:
The .mobi version downloaded as a .txt file. The .epub downloaded as a .txt & .zip file . Neither of my epub/mobi reader programs could read them correctly.
Nov 27 2016 21:24
Yes, this was my complaint. The fault must have been with the hardware/software on my end, because now the epub is working well. Any chance we can get part 2 in epub?