I will not crawl: excerpts from Robert F. Williams on black struggle and armed self-defense in Monroe, NC

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Juan Conatz
Oct 8 2012 06:54


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Jan 9 2013 20:08

I've been looking for poster images of Robert Williams. I really like this cover image. Would it be possible for me to contact the artist or get this image in poster form?

Jan 21 2013 06:00

This goes hard as fuck and totally underlines my experiences at the range: most North Amerikan motherfuckers with white skin into guns, are into them because they fear black skinned motherfuckers with guns.

Want to engage with the pro-gun milieu in a self-consistent manner? The name of the game is active race/gender/sexuality/whatevs treason: go shooting with co-workers with skin color or sex parts or identities that are different from yours. Act like a person, listen, have conversations, acknowledge differences, be open and honest, become technically proficient with firearms, spend less time on the internet.

Thanks for posting this, really made my day.