Industrial Worker #1703 (March 2008)

Contents include: - UK blood service cuts blunted, IWW, allies fight to reverse them - IWW Organizing Summit in Toronto, Canada announcement - IWWs elect fresh crop of officers - New York Wobs learn IWW history - Obituary: Dorice McDaniels, lifelong fighter for peace, solidarity - Australian IWW pleads guilty - Auchan fires pro-union worker in Poland - Spanish bus drivers strike for 5-day week - Freeters' Union: organizing Japan's precariat - Column: Working family - Trafficking law targets consensual sex workers - Which union is up-to-date? - AFSCME defeat borths new convictions, strategy - Connecticut IWWs show solidarity for NYC food workers - Rail Workers build inter-union solidarity caucus - World labor solidarity - IWW delegate finds courage on Mexico-US border - New York Wobs demand Starbucks recognize MLK Day
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