Industrial Worker #1706 (June 2008)

Contents include: -Zimbabwe arrests unionists, opposition -African unions fight food crisis in streets -E-Z Supply ordered to pay IWWs $1 million By Stephanie Basile -UK blood service protesters demand secret report be released to public -Australian taxi drivers sit down for safety -N. Carolina log truckers strike -California truckers in Stockton strike -Supermarket story: “Get out as fast as you can” -Indian guest workers launch hunger strike -Extremists attack CNT France members -Swedish syndicalists disrupt Bonniers to press stalled talks -IWW red van helps organize day laborers By x353554 -Haitian unions host IWW solidarity delegates: A travel diary of the IWW delegation By Cody Anderson, Nathaniel Miller, Justin Vitiello and Joseph Lapp -Unions listen! Another world is possible by Staughton Lynd -Grad students organize at U of Chicago -Militant, independent, all-Cambodian union: Union perseveres despite murders, threats by Erik Davis
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