Industrial Worker #1709 (October 2008)

Contents include: -Police arrests try to disrupt Republican National Convention protests -Quebec workers get union contract at Wal-Mart -UK cinema fires IWW organizer -Ward’s Supermarket fires IWW for petition -Marie Mason pleads guilty -Mall of America Starbucks IWWs take direct action: buying a fan for freedom -Martyred Sacco & Vanzetti are honored in Boston -One million signatures sought for Employee Free Choice Act -Youth must organize at school and work to win power -Toronto campus radio fires news director as it bargains -UK inquiry reveals chronic neglect led to death -General Assembly in Europe an IWW first -SweatFree Communities press state governors -Turkish trade unionist acquitted after waiting 8 months in jail -Remembering Helen Keller as a fighter -French Post targets CNT striker in Marseille -Chinese unions inch toward independence
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