Industrial Worker #1710 (November 2008)

Contents include: -Wal-Mart closes second union store in Québec -Crisis a product of capitalism -Letter: Venezuela is not the Soviet Union -Couriers aim to organize across North America -Sheffield IWW barman fights for job with another day of action Nov. 8 -Seattle Solidarity wins back wages -N. Carolina truck drivers build community support -Social workers need job control -Wild Edibles uses fronts to avoid boycott -MetroLink rail crash makes safety reform a must -CN Rail workers dump UTU for Teamsters -We are the RNC8: open letter -Union leadership: the ability to move people -Mentally ill workers an ‘indicator species’ for fairness on the job -The IWW: Literature Review 2008 -Pakistani women need rights respected every day -ISC delegation to Haiti appeal for donations to help recovery -Zimbabwe unions condemn opposition deal with Mugabe -Spanish CGT protests union-busting
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