La Commune by the Cinema of the People [video]


Armand Guerra's 1914 film commemoration of the 1871 Paris Commune (this is the first part of two, the second part was not concluded because of the outbreak of WW1). The last two minutes of the film includes footage by Armand Guerra of a 1911 gathering of some surviving revolutionaries of the Paris Commune, including the anarchist Nathalie Lemel

French intertitles, English subtitles, Portuguese Captions
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Apr 17 2020 19:22


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Apr 17 2020 19:25

There are several copies of the film on the web, one I found had English and Portuguese captions

But the film is silent and quite degraded at parts. There are also several very high quality restoration that come with soundtracks but all of them only had the French intertitles. So I took the English captions, edited and retimed them and turned them into subtitles for the better version.