Lenin rediscovered: what is to be done? in context - Lars T. Lih


Sep 1 2016 13:52

I liked this book a lot. It's quite long for a PDF, but Lars has an engaging style and he's quite good at making original points, which made the book much easier to read than might be expected from the subject.

Jan 12 2021 09:21

I'm unclear why this is on Libcom and accompanied with a lovely portrait of Lenin rather than the books' cover or something else?

Jan 12 2021 18:52
Lars T. Lih challenges the conventional interpretation of V. I. Lenin’s classic text, included here is an authoritative new translation. What Is to Be Done? has long been interpreted as evidence of Lenin’s “elitist” attitude toward workers. Lih uses a wide range of previously unavailable contextual sources to fundamentally overturn this reading of history’s most misunderstood revolutionary text. He argues that Lenin’s polemic must be seen within the context of a rising worker’s movement in Russia, and shows that Lenin’s perspective fit squarely within the mainstream of the socialist movement of his time.

Okay, that wouldn't do anything to rebut accusations of elitism though. Based on my knowledge of the marxist social democratic movement of the time saying its part of that just make the charge more convincing.

R Totale
Jan 12 2021 21:07