Midnight Notes Journal


Apr 20 2018 14:45
With this interesting series appearing just now it is worth another look at the Wildcat review of the related Midnight Notes book here; https://libcom.org/library/darkness-midnight-review-midnight-oil-work-energy-war-1973-1992-midnight-notes which especially with hindsight seems as lopsided in its asessment as Midnight Notes itself - like much else in the Autonomist Marxist tendency of that era.
Apr 21 2018 12:18
Yes I think I read that Wildcat review a while back and am now finally reading the book itself so will reread it after that... There is also an Aufheben review here: https://libcom.org/library/midnight-oil-review-aufheben-3 And a reply from a member of Midnight Notes here: https://libcom.org/library/escape-aufheben-5 Perhaps "lopsideness" is part of a dialectical process? wink
Apr 22 2018 19:04
This is great, thanks! As this is an archive of a publication, I have added the "publications" tag (which is one of our best)