The One Big Union Monthly (February 1938)

CONTENTS -The four-hour day -Unionism at the crossroads by A Former Coal Miner -The sun goes down by Covington Hall -Maritime merry-go-round by C. Weed -A radical is made by Beetee -Modern murder (Dedicated to Sacco and Vanzetti) by Gussie Perlman -For his master's sake: dedicated to Fellow Worker Harry Owens and other members of the IWW who fought and fell in the Spanish Civil War by Bob Trochet -Factful fables: all about sitting in the game by Covington Hall -Everybody's candidate by Card No. x22063 -On boring from within: in which it is clearly shown that we cannout build a new union by working inside an old one by Bert Russell -The "uncontrollables" in Spain by Sophia Fagin -Wet bulb - dry bulb by Jay Effie -The Industrial Workers of the World -Heave ho! -Book reviews: Assignment in Utopia - Wobblies one meets there by Justus Ebert Taken from CDs of JPG scans created by San Francisco General Membership Branch of the IWW CDs provided courtesy of Nate Hawthorne/Twin Cities IWW Archives
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