The One Big Union Monthly (October 1937)

CONTENTS -The source of strength -Power of folded arms by W.E. Trautmann -The slave by James Oppenheim -Factful fables by Covington Hall -A challenge to organized labor by John Sershon -If only: a story by Gefion -Our educational system by A.B. Cobb -The General Defense Committee: 20 years of activity -Counter-revolution in Spain by R. Louzon (Introduction and translation by Joseph Wagner) -West coast chaos: the CIO-AFL inter-union war by Card No. x13068 -A little economics for the home by Walter Pfeffer -The IWW in theory and practice: a book review -The march of progress by A Tannery Worker Taken from CDs of JPG scans created by San Francisco General Membership Branch of the IWW CDs provided courtesy of Nate Hawthorne/Twin Cities IWW Archives
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