The Organizer # 19

Starbucks Barista Unjustly Fired, Demands Justice
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No Shortcuts in the Class Struggle
John O’Reilly discusses why the hard work of organizing is not avoidable, but the core of the union.
Page 2

2nd Anniversary of UMN AFSCME Strike
Annie Nonomus on the intervening period at the University of Minnesota since 2007’s AFSCME strike
Page 3

Members’ Corner
This month, Nate Holdren explains the General Executive Board (GEB) of the union.
Page 4

Value and Alienation
In the first of a series of economic articles, Erik Davis discusses the bases on which the working class fights.
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Cambodian Unions
Cambodian unions face more challenges
Page 5

Upcoming Events
What is happening in the Twin Cities’ Fighting Union.
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May 8 2011 12:59

Thanks for posting these - just a quick point about the "publications" tag, that is just for whole archives of publications, so it is correct to tag the parent article of "the organiser" as a publication, but not child pages, if you see what I mean.

Juan Conatz
May 9 2011 09:47

Did not know that!