The Situationist Times

“In 1959 Jacqueline de Jong became involved with Danish artist Asger Jorn. Through him she became involved with the Gruppe Spur, the German section of the Internationale Situationniste. Meeting Guy Debord in 1960 in Amsterdam. Jacqueline de Jong had in 1958 become acquainted with the artist Constant and other Dutch members of the I.S. – Armando and the architect Har Oudejans – while working for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. From 1957 until 1962 the role of the artists in the I.S. was of great significance, particularly Jorn and Constant, the Belgian Maurice Wijckaert, the Italian Pinot Gallizio, German “Gruppe Spur”, Jacqueline de Jong, the Brits Ralph Romney and Gordon Fazekerly, and the Scandinaians Ansgar Eelde, J.J. Thorsen, Jørgen Nash. In 1960, there was a conflict between Debord and the Dutch section after being expelled, Debord to write to her: “La Hollande est à vous”. In Paris, in February 1962, Jacqueline de Jong was herself expelled after defending the Gruppe Spur. Who had been expelled earlier. In May that year she launched the magazine The Situationist Times. The first two issues were edited with Noel Arnaud. The launch of the Magazine had been announced and agreed upon at a meeting of the I.S. in Brussels the previous year. The students uprising in Paris May 1968 was supported by Jacqueline de Jong with posters.” -


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Hi Craftwork thank you for sharing these issues of the SI english language journal. I would like to use these journals to share wider, and would be happy to host the files whatever the current size. Drop me a line privately if you prefer.
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Craftwork wrote:
Tried, but they were too large. Let me try again.
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