Standing fast: a novel - Harvey Swados


Jan 6 2014 03:18
I read the first few chapters of this, glad to see it's up here, gonna have to finish it!
Jan 6 2014 04:08
I loved this book. The Joe Link character is based on Stan Weir.
paul r
Jan 6 2014 21:52
Don't you have a pdf version of this book? I can't read this .mobi file on my Mac. Will I be able to read it if I upload it to my kndle?
Juan Conatz
Jan 7 2014 00:43
paul r wrote:
Will I be able to read it if I upload it to my kndle?
Yes, that's what a mobi file is for, ebook readers.
Jan 8 2014 06:40
to clarify .mobi is for Amazon readers. iOS devises and most others use .epub
Jan 16 2014 18:28
You can convert from .mobi to .epub (and other formats) with Calibre (which works on Windows, iOS, and Linux). Thanks for making this book available here.
Jan 16 2014 18:49
Also, in the "American Trotskyist roman a clef" genre, I really recommend Clancy Sigal's "Going Away".
Jan 18 2014 16:42
Going Away is one of my all-time favorite novels. It's like a cross between Kerouac's On the Road and Brecher's Strike!, as the setting is a 1956 road trip from L.A. to New York by a militant who's glued to the car radio listening to news flashes from the uprising in Hungary, while zig-zagging across the U.S. touring sites of historical class struggle and having romantic interludes. I was so moved by the book that I found Sigal's e-mail address and asked him what his influences were. He said that On the Road was a definite inspiration, as well as his extensive reading of working class history.
Jan 23 2014 16:28
“Let’s be frank,” Joe said. “There are guys who are in the Party now because we’re small. If we really grew, if we really became an influence, they’d flee.”