United States - further reading guide

A. General American History

*A People's History of the United States - Zinn
America's Revolutionary Heritage - Novack
*Contours of American History - W.A. Williams
*The Tragedy of American Diplomacy - W.A. Williams
Who Built America? (2 vols.) - H.C. Gutman
Letters To Americans, 1848-1895 - Marx/Engels
Lenin On The United States
The Politics of History - Zinn
Declarations of Independence - Zinn
Year 501 - N. Chomsky

1. Class and Power in The U.S.

*Who Rules America - Domhoff
Who Rules America Now - Domhoff
The Powers That Be – Domhoff
Critical Legal Theory – Kelman
*Inheriting Shame: Eugenics and Racism - Selden
Race & State in Capitalist Development - Greenberg
In the Shadow of the Poorhouse – M. Katz
What's Love Got To Do With It? A History of U.S. Charity - David Wagner
The Counselor as Gatekeeper – Erickson/Schultze
Power, Politics and Crime - Chambliss
Law, Order and Power - Chambliss/Seidman
Whose Law and What Order? A Conflict Approach to Crimnology - Chambliss/Mankoff
History of American Law - Friedman
Crime and punishment in American History - Friedman
A People's History of the Supreme Court - Irons
Race, Crime and Law - Kennedy
Black labor and The American Legal System - Hill
Black Robes, White Justice - Wright
Imagining The Law - Cantor
The Transformation of American Law, 2 Vols. - Horwitz
Crime and Punishment in America - Currie
A Primer in Radical Criminology - Lynch/Groves
Class, State and Crime - Quinney
Critique of Legal Order - Quinney
Capitalism, Patriarchy and Crime - Messerschmidt
Regulating the Poor – Cloward/Fox-Piven
*Sharing The Pie - Brouer
Classes - Erik Olin Wright
Wealth and Power in America - Kolko
Power and The Powerless - Parenti
The Power Elite - Mills
Power and Culture - H.C. Gutman
Militarism, U.S.A. - Donovan
Class And Conflict in American Society - Lejuene
Who Gets What From Government - Page

2. Native American History, General

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee - Brown
Black Elk Speaks
Black Hills/White Justice - Lazarus
The Conquest of America - Todorov
Capitalism and Conquest - Broue
Marxism and Native Americans - W. Churchill
The Slaveholding Indians - A. Abel
Red, White, and Black - G. Nash
Redskins, Ruffleshirts, and Rednecks - M. E. Young

Louise Erdrich
The Beet Queen
Love Medicine
The Bingo Palace

House Made of Dawn - Momaday
Ceremony - Silko
Creek Mary's Blood - Brown

3. African-American History, General

*Before the Mayflower - Bennett, Jr.
*Economics of Racism, U.S.A. - Perlo
*The Political Economy of The Black Ghetto - Tabb
*How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America - Marable
*Race Rebels - R.D.G. Kelley
Standing at Armageddon – Painter
Black Workers’ Struggles in Detroit’s Auto Industry - Fujita
American Socialism and Black Americans: From the Age of Jackson to World War II - Philip S. Foner
The Black Worker, 8 Vols. - Philip S. Foner
In Red and Black: Marxian Explorations in Southern and Afro-American History - E. Genovese
From Plantation to Ghetto - Meier/Rudwick
Chronicles of Black Protest - Chambers
The Wages of Whiteness - Roediger
The Rise and Fall of the White Republic - Saxon
Black Protest – Grant
Critical Race Theory -
Black Resistance/White Law - M.F. Berry
Black Self-Determination - Franklin
Neither Black Nor White - Macmillan
Civil Rights and African-Americans - Blaustein/Zangrando, Eds.
The Making of Black America, 2 vols. - Meier/Rudwick, Eds.
*A Documentary History of The Negro People in the U.S., vols. 1-7 - Aptheker

4. Organized Labor, General

*Labor Wars - Lens
*Strike - Brecker
100 Years of Labor in the U.S.A. - Guerrin
*The Negro and The American Labor Movement - Jacobson, Ed.
*Women and The American Labor Movement - Foner
*Organized Labor and The Black Worker - P. Foner
A Short History of Labor Conditions under Capitalism in the United States of America, 1789-1946 - Kuczynski
Our Own Time - Roediger/Foner
Yankee Unions, Go Home! - J. Scott
The Second Shift: Working Parents and the Revolution at Home - Hochschild
The War On Labor and The Left - P. Cayo Sexton
All Day, Every Day - Westwood
Sparrows Point - M. Reutter
The Crisis of American Labor - Lens
American Labor Struggles - Yellen
*Labor's Untold Story - Boyer/Morais

5. Women's History, General

*Women, Work and Protest - Milkman
*Century of Struggle – Flexner
Women’s Legacy: Essays in Race, Sex and Class in American History – B. Aptheker
We Were There - Barbara Mayer Wertheimer
Sex, Race and the Role of Women in the South – Janiewski
Between Women – Domestics and Their Employers – J. Rollins
Women in Movement - Sheila Rowbotham
Women and the Politics of Empowerment – Bookman/Morgen, Eds.
Women and The American Labor Movement - P. Foner
*When and Where I Enter: The Impact of Black Women on Race and Sex in America - P. Giddings
Out to Work - Kessler-Harris
Issei, Nisei, War Bride: Three Generations of Japanese American Women in Domestic Service – E. Nakano Glenn
Nobody Speaks For Me - N. Seifer, Ed.
*Race, Gender and Work - T. Amott/J. Matthaei
Pornography and Silence - Griffin

6. Chicano History, General

*A Documentary History of The Mexican-Americans - W. Moquin, Ed.
Occupied America - Acuña
Chicanos in a Changing Society – Camarillo
Twice a Minority: Mexican American Women – Melville, Ed.
Race and Class in the Southwest - Barrera

B. The American Revolution

*America's Revolutionary Heritage (sections) - George Novack
*A People's History of The United States (sections) - H. Zinn
*An Economic Interpretation of The Constitution - Charles & Mary Beard
*The American Revolution - H. Aptheker
*The American Revolution - Alfred Young
Class Conflict, Slavery and the U.S. Constitution - S. Lynd
Early Years of The Republic - H. Aptheker
Republican Religion: The American Revolution and The Cult of Reason - G. Koch

C. Pre-1860

1. General Overviews

*Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men - E. Foner
Race and Politics - J. Rawley

2. Slavery and African-American History

Herbert Aptheker:
*American Negro Slave Revolts
To Be Free
Nat Turner's Rebellion
Eugene Genovese:
*The Political Economy of Slavery
*From Rebellion to Revolution
*The World the Slaveowners Made
Slavery in the New World - w/L. Foner
*Roll, Jordan, Roll
In Red and Black
Ulrich Bonnell Phillips:
American Negro Slavery
Life and Labor in the Old South
The Slave Economy of the Old South - E. Genovese, Ed.

*Capitalism and Slavery - Williams
*North of Slavery - Leon Litwack
*How The Irish Became White – Ignatiev
*The Invention of the White Race, 2 Vols. – Allen
*Wages of Whiteness – Roediger
*The Rise and Fall of the White Republic – Saxon
Black Majority – P. Wood
The Rise of African Slavery in the Americas - Eltis
Slave Insurrections in the United States - J. C. Carroll
Black Rebellion - T. W. Higginson
Army Life in a Black Regiment - T. W. Higginson
Gentlemen of Property and Standing - Leonard Richards
The Rise and Fall of Black Slavery - C. D. Rice
The Slave Community - J. Blassingame
Black Odyssey: The African-American Ordeal in Slavery - N. Huggins
“This Species of Property”: Slave Life and Culture in the Old South - L. H. Owens
Hard Trials on My Way: Slaver and The Struggle Against It - J. A. Scott
The Negro on the Frontier - K. W. Porter
History of Black Americans: From Africa to the Emergence of the Cotton Kingdoms - P. Foner
Business and Slavery: The New York Merchants and The Irre[ressible Conflict - P. Foner
American Slavery: The Question of Resistance - Bracey, Ed.
The Peculiar Institution - Kenneth Stampp
Industrial Slavery in the Old South - R. Starobin
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl - Brent
The Nat Turner Rebellion - Duff
Black Cargoes - Mannix/Cowley
Reckoning With Slavery - David, et al.
John Brown - W.E.B. DuBois
The Suppression of the African Slave Trade to the United States - W. E. B. DuBois
*Within the Plantation Household - E. Fox-Genovese
*The Black Family Under Slavery and Freedom - Guttman
Colonists in Bondage - Smith
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
Black Culture and Black Consciousness - L. Levine
The Religion of the Slaves - O. Alho
*Tobacco and Slaves – Kulikoff
*American Slavery, American Freedom - Morgan

3. Women's History

*Women Workers and the Industrial Revolution, 1750-1850 - Pinchbeck
The Origins of Modern Feminism In Britain, France and The United States, 1780-1860 - J. Kendall

D. Civil War and Reconstruction

1. General Overviews

*Marx On America and The Civil War
*On The Civil War in The U.S. - Marx/Engels

2. African-American History

*Black Power, U.S.A. - Lerone Bennett, Jr.
*Black Reconstruction in America, 1860-1880 - DuBois
*Reconstruction, 1867-1877 - Eric Foner
A Short History of Reconstruction - E. Foner
Reconstruction - Staughton Lynd
The Negro's Civil War - J. McPherson
The Era of Reconstruction - K. Stampp
The History of Black Americans: From the Compromise of 1850 to the End of the Civil War - P. Foner
Freedom Road - Fast
Beloved - Morrison

3. Organized Labor

Black Scare - Wood
History of the Labor Movement in the U.S., Vol. 1 - Phillip Foner
See Also: General American History

4. Women's History

Feminism and Suffrage: The Emergence of an Independent Women's Movement in The U.S., 1848-1869 - E.C. DuBois

E. 1860-1890

1. General

Nature's Metropolis - Cronon
Race and Manifest Destiny - Horsman
The Emerging Order: God in The Age of Scarcity - Rifkin/Howard

2. Organized Labor

*History of The Labor Movement in The U.S., Vol. 2 - P. Foner
The Autobiographies of The Haymarket Martyrs - P. Foner
*The Great Rebellion of 1877 - P. Foner
Lucy Parsons: American Revolutionary - Ashbaugh
Beyond the Martyrs: A Social History of Chicago's Anarchists, 1870-1900 - Bruce C. Nelson
See General Labor History

3. African-American History

*The Strange Career of Jim Crow - C. Vann Woodward
*The Rise and Fall of The White Republic - Alexander Saxton
Collected Works of W.E.B. DuBois

4. Women's History

Woman and Labor - Olive Shreiner
The Rising of The Women - M. Tax

F. 1890-1918

1. General Overviews

*The Spanish-Cuban-American War and The Birth of American Imperialism, Vol. 1 & 2 - P. Foner
*The Populist Moment – Goodwyn
Wilson vs. Lenin: Political Origins of the New Diplomacy, 1914-1918 – Arno Mayer
Woodrow Wilson and World Politics – G. Levin

2. Organized Labor

*Autobiography of Big Bill Haywood
*Rebel Girl - Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
*The Socialist Party of America - Shannon
The I.W.W.: Its History, Structure And Methods - V. St. john
The Indispensable Enemy - Alexander Saxton
The Wobblies - Renshaw
We Shall Be All – Dubofsky
Red November, Black November - Salerno
Rebel Voices - Kornbluh
*The Autobiography of Mother Jones
*History of The Labor Movement in the U.S., Vol. 2-7 - P. Foner
Eugene V. Debs Speaks
Industrial Unionism - Trautmann
Direct Action and Sabotage - Trautmann
The Jungle - Upton Sinclair
Rivington Street

3. African-American History

The Souls Of Black Folks - DuBois
*Collected Works of W.E.B. DuBois
*Land of Hope - Grossman
Black Manhattan - James Weldon Johnson
*Race Relations in the Urban South - H. Rabinowitz

4. Women's History

*The Rising of The Women - Meredith Tax
The Ideas of The Woman Suffrage Movement - Aileen Kraditor

G. 1919-1920

1. Organized Labor

*Revolution in Seattle - O'Connor
The Seattle General Strike - Freidheim
*Labor in Crisis: The Steel Strike of 1919
Left, Right and Center - Sydney Lens
*History of The Labor Movement in The U.S., Vol. 8, 9 - P. Foner

2. African-American History

*Black Chicago - Allen Spear
*Race Riot - Tuttle
*Race Riot at East St. Louis - E. Rudwick

H. 1918-1941

1. General

*Class Struggle and the New Deal - R.F. Levine
*New Deal Thought - H. Zinn
The Bolshevik Revolution: Its Impact on American Radicals, Liberals and Labor - P. Foner, Ed.

2. Organized Labor

*The Lean Years - Bernstein
The Letters of Sacco and Vanzetti - Nicola Sacco, et al
All the Right Enemies: The Life and Murder of Carlo Tresca - Dorothy Gallagher
Sacco and Vanzetti
Pages From A Workers' Life - William Z. Foster
Labor Radical - Len Decaux
Steel Workers in America: The Non-Union Era - Brody
*Labor's Giant Step - Preis
Teamster Rebellion
Teamster Power
Teamster Politics
Teamster Bureaucracy

*The Depression of the Thirties - Anderson
*A Union Against Unions: The Minneapolis Citizens’ Alliance - Millikan
*Organize! – Mortimer
The Most Dangerous Man in Detroit - Lichtenstein
*Rank And File Rebellion - Lynd
*The Flint Sit-down Strike (Spark)
*A Black Worker in the Deep South - Hudson
*Hammer and Hoe - Kelley
*Southern Labor and Black Civil Rights - M. Honey
*Communists in Harlem During the Depression – Naison
*We Are All Leaders – Lynd, Ed.
Black Bolshevik - Haywood
American Labor and Consensus Capitalism, 1935-1990 - P. Renshaw
*Mean Things Happening in this Land - Mitchell
Making A New Deal, Industrial Workers in Chicago 1919-39 - L. Cohen
Brother Bill McKie - Bonofsky
Harry Bridges - Larrowe
John L. Lewis - S. Alinsky
Black Detroit and The Rise of The U.A.W. - Meier/Rudwick
The Grapes of Wrath - Steinbeck*
In Dubious Battle - Steinbeck*
Yonandio from the Thirties - Olsen*
Studs Lonigan - Farrell
Storming Heaven - Giardina*
1919 - Dos Passos
The Big Money - " "
The 42nd Parallel - " "
Union Square - M. Tax

3. The Communist Party in the U.S.: 1918-1945

*The Roots of American Communism - Draper
*The First Ten Years of American Communism - Cannon
*James P. Cannon and the Early Years of American Communism, 1920-28
*American Communism and Soviet Russia - Draper
*The Heyday of American Communism - Klehr
The Romance of American Communism - Gornick
Communists in Harlem During The Great Depression - Naison
Hammer and Hoe - Kelley
A Black Worker in The Deep South - Hudson
American Trade Unionism - W.Z. Foster
New Studies in the Politics and Culture of U.S. Communism - Brown
History of The U.S. Labor Movement, Vol. 9 - P. Foner
Revolutionary Continuity: Birth of the Communist Movement - Dobbs
American Communism and Black Americans: A Documentary History, 2 Vols, 1919-1929 and 1930-1934 - P. Foner

4. Women's History

New Studies in the Politics and Culture of U.S. Communism (sections)
Revolt Against Chivalry - Hall

5. African-American History

*Marcus Garvey and The Vision of Africa - Clarke, Ed.
*Black Moses: The Story of Marcus Garvey - Cronon
Black Power and the Garvey Movement - T. Vincent
Land of Hope - Grossman
A New Deal For Blacks - Sitkoff
Negroes and The Great Depression - Wolters
Revolt Against Chivalry - Hall
Black Milwaukee - Trotter
Southern Labor and Black Civil Rights - M. Honey
*Hammer and Hoe - Kelley
Communists in Harlem During the Depression - Naison
*Fighting Racism in WWII - C.L.R. James
Communist Councilman from Harlem - B.J. Davis
The Negro in Depression and War - Sternsher
Race Relations in The Urban South - H. Rabinowitz
Black Boy - Wright
Native Son - " "
Uncle Tom's Children - " "
Invisible Man - Ellison
Blues For Mister Charlie - Baldwin
Jazz - Morrison
My Soul's High Song, Collected Writings of Countee Cullen

I. World War II

1. General Overviews

See: General Works on American History
*The SWP in World War II - Cannon
*Fighting Racism in WWII - C.L.R. James

2. Organized Labor

*Wartime strikes - Martin Glaberman
*Labor's Giant Step (sections) - Art Preis
*Labor's War At Home - Lichtenstein
*American Labor and Consensus Capitalism, 1935-1990 - P. Renshaw
*Wages and Profits in Wartime (Labor Research Assoc.)
The Politics of War - G. Kolko

Gone To Soldiers - Marge Piercy

J. The Cold War and McCarthyism

*Free World Colossus - Horowitz
*Corporations and The Cold War - Williams
*The Intellectuals And McCarthy - Rogin
*Invitation To An Inquest - Schneir
*Cold War and Counterrevolution - Walton
*The Truman Era - Stone
*The Haunted Fifties - Stone
The Cruel Peace - F. Inglis
Empire and Revolution - D. Horowitz
Lives in the Balance - Nissani
Thirty Years of Treason - E. Bentley
Pax Americana - Steel
*American Communism in Crisis, 1943-1957 - Starobin
America, Russia and The Cold War - Lafeber

K. The Korean War

*Korea: The Unknown War - Cummings/Halliday
*The Hidden History of The Korean War - Stone

L. 1946-1971

1. General

The Socialist Register, 1967-1971
Coming Apart - O'Neill
In A Time of Torment - I.F. Stone
Intervention and Revolution - R. Barnet
Empire and Revolution - D. Horowitz
The End of Liberalism - Lowi
Lives in the Balance - Nissani
Growing Up Before Stonewall - Nardi/Sanders/Marmor

2. Organized Labor

*Labor's Giant Step (sections) - Preis
*Rank and File - Lynd
*An Injury to All – Moody
*Rise of the Workers’ Movements – Root and Branch
Prisoners of the American Dream - Davis
Rank and File Rebellion – LaBotz
The Most Dangerous Man in Detroit - Lichtenstein
*50 Years of the U.A.W. - Anderson
*UAW Politics in the Cold War Era - Martin Halpern
*American Labor and Consensus Capitalism, 1935-1990 - P. Renshaw
*American Labor and U.S. Foreign Policy - Ronald Radosh
The Fight For Union Democracy in Steel (SWP)
Class Struggle Articles
The Politics of Plant Closings - Portz
Crystal Lee - Leiferman
Rivethead - Hamper
Red Baker - Ward
Table Money - Breslin
The Dollmaker - Arnow

3. African-American History

The Civil Rights Movement:
*Negroes with Guns - Williams
*My Soul is Rested - Raines
*Paul Robeson Speaks
But For Birmingham - G. Eskew
Coming of Age in Mississippi - Moody
Black Like Me - Griffin
*In Struggle: SNCC and The Black Awakening of The 1960's - Clayborn Carson
Why We March - Soul Brother No. 44
Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community - M.L. King
Free At Last? - Powledge
Freedom Summer - McAdam
Here I Stand - Paul Robeson

Black Nationalism and Black Power, 1960-71:
*Malcolm X:
Autobiography of Malcolm X
By Any Means Necessary
Last Speeches
The Final Speeches
Malcolm X Speaks
The Last Year of Malcolm X - G. Breitman

*Black Nationalism - Essien-Udom
*The Black Muslims in America - Lincoln
*The Black Panthers Speak - P. Foner, Ed.
Rebellion in Newark - Hayden
To Die For The People - Huey Newton
Revolutionary Suicide - Huey Newton
*Race, Reform and Rebellion, 1945-1984 - Marable
*Black Awakening in Capitalist America - Allen
*Die, Nigger, Die – Brown
The American Revolution – Boggs
Racism and the Class Struggle - Boggs
*James Forman:
The Making of Black Revolutionaries
Sammy Younge, Jr.
The Political Thought of James Forman
High Tide of Black Resistance

If They Come in The Morning - Angela Davis
*A Taste of Power - Elaine Brown
*From The Dead Level with Malcolm X - Jamaal
*The Autobiography of Angela Davis
On The Ideology of the Black Panther Party - E. Cleaver
Soul on Ice - Cleaver
Burn, Baby, Burn - Cohen/Murphy
Revolutionary Notes - J. Lester
*Detroit: I Do Mind Dying - Georgakas/Surkin
*Black Workers’ Struggles in Detroit’s Auto Industry – K. Fujita
*Class, Race and Worker Insurgency: The League of Revolutionary Black Workers - Geshwender
The Myth of Black Capitalism - E. Ofari
Black Macho and The Myth of The Superwoman - M. Wallace
*Black Power - Carmichael
*Seize the Time - Seale
Race Relations in The Urban South - H. Rabinowitz
In The Belly of The Beast - Abbott
The Autobiography of LeRoi Jones
*Blood in My Eye - Jackson
Attica: Report of The New York State Special Commission
Kerner Commission Report on Civil Disturbances
One Year Later (Kerner Commission)
Soledad Brother - Jackson
New Day in Babylon - W. Van Deburg
*If Beale Street Could Talk - Baldwin
Nobody Knows My Name - Baldwin
*Another Country - Baldwin
Tell Me How Long The Train's Been Gone - Baldwin
*The Fire Next Time - Baldwin

4. Women's History

*Personal Politics, The Roots of Women's Liberation in The Civil Rights Movement and The New Left - Sara Evans
Progressive Women in Conservative Times - S. Lynn

5. Native American History

Lakota Woman - M. Brave Bird

6. Gay and Lesbian History

Growing Up Before Stonewall – Nardi/Marmor/Sanders, Eds.

7.Chicano History

United We Win: The Rise and Fall of La Raza Unida Party – I. Garcia
*Youth, Identity, Power - C. Munoz, Jr
La Raza - S. Steiner
Chicanismo - Gonzalez

8. Class and Power

The Legislation of Morality - Duster
The President's Report on Occupational Health and Safety (1972)
Muscle and Blood - Scott
War at Home: Covert Action and What We Can Do About It - B. Glick
COINTELPRO: The FBI's Secret War on Political Freedom - N. Blackstone
The Monopoly Makers - Nader Report
The Closed Enterprise System - Nader Report

M. The Vietnam War and The Anti-War Movement

Abuse of Power - Draper
*Fire in The Lake - Fitzgerald
*The Vietnam Wars - M. Young
*Vietnam: Anatomy of War - G. Kolko
*American Labor and The Indochina War - P. Foner
Vietnam - Karnow
*Out Now! - Halsted
*SDS - Sale
We Won't Go - A. Lynd
Everything We Had - Al Santoli
Bloods - W. Terry
In A Time of Torment - I.F. Stone
Working Class -
Vietnam: The Logic of Withdrawal - H. Zinn
Rethinking Camelot - N. Chomsky
Class Struggle Articles on Vietnam
Vida - Piercy
Born on The Fourth of July - Kovic
Going After Cacciato - O'Brien
If I Die in A Combat Zone - O'Brien
Paco's Story - Heineman
Zombie Jamboree - Merkin

N. 1971-Present

1. General

*Corruptions of Empire - Alexander Cockburn
*Prisoners of The American Dream - Mike Davis
*Discrimination: It's Economic Impact on Blacks, Women and Jews - Cherry
Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower - Blum
Derailing Democracy: The America The Media Don't Want You to See - McGowan
After The Cataclysm - N. Chomsky
*Manufacturing Consent - N. Chomsky
Towards a New Cold War - N. Chomsky
City of Quartz - M. Davis
*The Worst Years of Our Lives - B. Ehrenreich
Going To The Territory - R. Ellison
*Longer Hours, Fewer Jobs - M. Yates
Live in the Balance - Nissani
Freedom at Risk - Curry, Ed.
Western State Terrorism - A. George, Ed.
The Gang as an American Enterprise – Padillo
What's Behind The Attack On Politically Correct (International Socialist Organization)
The Socialist Register, 1971-199?

2. Women's History

*Caught in the Crisis – Amott
*Glass Ceilings and Bottomless Pits: Women's Work, Women's Poverty – R. Albelda/C. Tilly
*Backlash - Faludi
Ain't I A Woman - Bell Hooks
Woman's Body, Woman's Right - Linda Gordon
Sexual Harassment of Working Women - MacKinnon
My Enemy, My Love - Levine
White Women, Race Matters - Frankenberg
Subject Women - A. Oakley
Liberation Now!
The Rights of Women - Deller Ross/A. Barcher
The Past Is Before Us - Rowbotham
Nobody Speaks for Me - N. Seifer
Daring To Be Bad - Alice Echols
Women in the Global Factory - Fuentes/Ehrenreich
Against Our Will - Brownmiller
*The War Against Abortion Rights (Socialist Action)
Deals With the Devil and Other Reasons to Riot - P. Cleage

3. Organized Labor

*The State of Working America (Multiple Editions over the decades)
One Market Under God - T. Frank
The New Rank and File - Lynd/Lynd
No Sweat - A. Ross
Not Your Father's Labor Movement - Mort
*Trade Unions and Socialist Politics - J. Kelly
Lessons of The P-9 Strike (Socialist Action)
American Stalinism in Crisis (Socialist Action)
*Workers of The World Undermined - B. Sims
*American Labor and Consensus Capitalism, 1935-1990 - P. Renshaw
Hard-pressed in the Heartland: Hormel - Rachleff
On Strike At Hormel - Green
A Primer on American Labor law - Gould
See Class Struggle articles

4. Class and Power

Hacktivism – Electronic Disturbance Theatre
Digital Resistance – Critical Art Ensemble
Living on the Edge – Rank
The Battle in Seattle: The Story Behind and Beyond the WTO Demonstrations - Janet Thomas
Gloablization From Below: The Power of Solidarity - Brecher
Global Village or Global Pillage? - Brecher
Globalize This! The Battle Against the WTO - Danaher/Burbach, eds.
The WTO After Seattle - Jeffrey Schott
Whiteout – Cockburn/St. Claire
Five Days that Shook the World – Cockburn/St. Claire
Al Gore: A User’s Guide – Cockburn/St. Claire
*The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison - Reiman
*Wall Street: How It Works and For Whom - D. Henwood
Downsize This – M. Moore
Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire – C. Johnson
*The “Underclass” Debate – M. Katz
Triumph of the Market – E. S. Herman
Amway: The Cult of Free Enterprise – Butterfield
The Visible Poor – J. Blau
Corporate Crimes, Corporate Violence - Frank/Lynch
The Cigarette papers - Glantz/Stanton/et al
Corporate Violence: Injury and Death For Profit - Hills/Stuart/et al
Dangerous Premises: An Insider's View of OSHA - Lofgren
Corporate Crime and Violence - Mokhiber
How to Survive in America the poisoned - Regenstein
Toil and Toxics: Workplace Struggles and political Strategies for Occupational Health - Robinson
Capital Crimes - WinslowCriminology and Justice - Voigt/et al
Unnatural Causes: Three Leading Killer Diseases in America - Sondik
Retreat From Safety: Reagan's Attack on America's Health - Claybrook, et al.
Quality of Life in American Neighborhoods: Levels of Affluence, Toxic Waste, and Cancer Mortality in Residential Zip Code Areas - Gould
Serving the Few: Corporate Capitalism and the Bias of Government Policy - Greenberg
Industry and Influence in Federal Regulatory Agencies - Quirk
Legalize It? Debating American Drug policy - Trebach/Inciardi
The Heroin Solution - Trebach
Just Deserts for Corporate Criminals - Schlegel
Unequal Protection: Environmental Justice and Communities of Color - Bullard, ed.
Crime and the Politics of Hysteria - Anderson
Corporate Corruption - Clinard
S & L Hell - Day
Pipe Dream Blues: Racism and the War on Drugs - Lusane
Race and Criminal Justice - Lynch/Patterson
Corporate Crime - Pearce/Snider
Inside Job: The Looting of America's Savings and Loans - Pizzo, et al.
Elite Deviance - Simon/Eitzen
Crimes in the Streets and Crimes in the Suites - Timmer/Eitzen
Death penalty Sentencing: Research Indicates pattern of Racial Discrimination - U.S. General Accounting Office Report
Smoke and Mirrors: The War on Drugs and the Politics of Failure - Baum
Power, Crime and Mystification - Box
Entertaining Crime - Fishman/Cavender
The Mythology of Crime and Criminal Justice - Kappeler, Victor, et al.
Media, Crime and Criminal Justice: Images and Realities - Surette
Political Criminality - Turk
Crime Control as Industry - Christie
Making a Killing: The Business of Guns in America - Diaz
The Real War on Crime - Donziger, ed.
The Perpetual Prisoner Machine - Dyer
It's About Time: America's Imprisonment Binge - Irwin/Austin
Did Getting Tough on Crime Pay? - Lynch/Sabol
Land of Opportunity - Adler
The Mirage of Safety - Hunter
Corporations Are Gonna Get Your Mama – Danaher
Merchants of Misery – M. Hudson
The New Protectionism - Lang/Hines

5. African-American History

*Two Nations - A. Hacker
*Race, Class and Conservatism - T.D. Boston
The Political Economy of Racism - M.M. Leiman
*Adolph Reed, Jr.:
Class Notes
Stirrings in the Jug
W.E.B. DuBois and American Political Thought
The Jesse Jackson Phenomemon
*Manning Marable:
The Crisis of Color and Democracy : Essays on Race, Class and Power
Black Politics in Conservative America
Blackwater : Historical Studies in Race, Class Consciousness, and Revolution
Black Liberation in Conservative America

Ways With Words - Heath
The Economics of Racism, U.S.A. - V. Perlo
Racial Stratification in America - Geshwender
Confronting Authority - D. Bell
And We Are Not Saved - D. Bell
Out of Order - E. Cashmore/E. McLaughlin
Deals with the Devil and Other Reasons to Riot - P. Cleage
The State of Black America 1990 - National Urban League
Quiet Riots - Harris/Wilkins
Why Black People Shout - R. Wiley
What We Should Do Now - R. Wiley
Black Ice - Lorene Cary
Black Labor and The American Legal System - Hill

6. Chicano/Latino History

*Cutting For Sign - W. Langewiesche
*Huelga – Nelson
Anything But Mexican - Acuña
Cannery Women, Cannery Lives – V. Ruiz
Women’s Work and Chicano Families - Zavella
*Always Running - L. Rodruguez

7. Native American History

Ohitika Woman - M. Brave Bird

8. Gay and Lesbian History

Out of the Past – Miller
No Bath, But Plenty of Bubbles – Power

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