The unseen - Nanni Balestrini

Nanni Balestrini, the poet of youth rebellion, himself a victim of that repression, has invented a remarkable fictional form to express the hopes and conflicts of the movement. In spare but vivid prose, The Unseen follows Autonomy’s trajectory through the eyes of a single working-class protagonist—from high-school rebellion, squatting and attempts to set up a free radio station to arrest and the brutalities of imprisonment. This is a powerful and gripping novel: a rare evocation of the intensity of commitment, the passion of politics.

The Unseen is also available for purchase at Verso here.

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Jul 14 2012 23:24
Jan 23 2013 22:30
The original PDF is laid out for printing and binding, it's real pain to read it. Here is onelaid out with a sinlge page of the book per one page of the PDF:
Jan 23 2013 22:24
Brilliant, that's much better! I was sorely disappointed when I put the original one on my Kindle and the text was too tiny to read.
Dan Radnika
Nov 26 2016 21:04
I've added the epub and mobi versions for those of us who read stuff on a kindle or a phone or whatever.
May 20 2019 21:36

Nanni Balestrini died today (20th May).

May 21 2019 09:58

Shit, that's genuinely really sad news sad