Views and Comments No. 45 (Fall 1963)

Contents include: -Leaders and led in the negro revolt -Spanish chronicle -Buggering the worker from both ends by Spartacus -Ghana: nationalists in the golden bed -The church and the radicals -From the libertarian press: Argentina -From the libertarian press: Brazil -Anarchist organization & individual freedom by Luigi Fabbri -George Woodcock: a muddled history of anarchism by Sam Wiener (Sam Dolgoff) -Review: The bomb, direct action and the state by Syndicalist Workers Federation -Review: Marxism, freedom and the state by Michael Bakunin (Review by W.S.) -Review: Marx, Proudhon and European socialism by J. Hampden Jackson (Review by W.S.) -Libertarian notebook -What we stand for This issue digitized for by the Centre International de Recherches sur l'Anarchisme (CIRA) in Lausanne, Switzerland.
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