Workers' democracy - Staughton Lynd

Originally appeared in WorkingUSA, vol. 5, no. 4, Spring 2002
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Juan Conatz
Aug 29 2012 06:57


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Dec 8 2012 05:43
Hi guys, it seems the PDF is missing from this page?
Juan Conatz
Jan 1 2013 02:02
It is. I'll try and see if I can find it again and reattach.,
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Hey conatz, it seems there's absolutely nothing here!
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Even now? For me there's a pdf link just under the text that's working perfectly..
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I just added it before.
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Aha, good work.. smile
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Mar 12 2013 05:23
Thanks! It was on my netbook, which I had to get a new charger for, so I had no access to..
Jan 30 2014 04:10
I'm from Serbia, and can say that there pretty much never was anything like workers democracy here (maybe some isolated instances pre-ww2). He have an entire number of two worker coops in the entire country, one's an inter-city bus transport firm which is only a half-way worker coop, it is worker owned but not worker managed, and the second is an agricultural worker coop (using a mix of individual and communal farming) that was started only last year.