The world scene from the libertarian point of view

Contents include -The state of the world by G.P. Maximoff -Social rights and freedoms: their vital worth to us by Rudolf Rocker -We must hold on by Fernand Planche -Can we afford to be anti-militarists in our day? by Dr. H. Koechlin -Moral decay of our society by Dr. Herman Frank -Dark road ahead of labor by Manuel Buenacasa -Should we defend democratic rights? by Albert Meltzer -Anarchism: its part in the world struggle by Dr. M. Pierrot -The choice before the nations by José García Pradas -Present-day role of the church by George Woodcock -Anarchism, anarchy, anarchists by David Thoreau Wieck -How long can capitalism survive? by M.P.T. Acharya -The right to self-determination by Joseph J. Cohen -Anarchism and agriculture by Gaston Leval -Capitalism, totalitarianism and libertarian socialism by Augustine Souchy -Libertarian movement from within by Ismael Marti -This is no time for pessimism by Sam Weiner (Sam Dolgoff) -Greetings from Japan by T. Yamaga & S. Ishida -Decadence of political socialism by Felipe Alaiz -25 years of 'Free Society' activity in Chicago by Boris Yelensky -Notes on the authors herein -Concerning the translations This pamphlet purchased from funds donated by our users and scanned for
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