BBCode This document uses (almost) all BBCode tags supported by Drupal's BBCode module.

Normal text formatting:

Test bold text Test italic text Test underlined text Test strikeout text Test subscript text - H2O Test superscript text - X3

Font colors:

Test blue text Test red text Test green text Test #eeff00 text

Font sizes:

Test 1px - too small, normalized to 6px Test 12px text Test 24px text Test 100px - too big, normalized to 48px

Font faces:

Test Arial typeface text Test Arial typeface text Test Courier typeface text Test Courier New typeface text Test Impact typeface text Test Helvetica typeface text Test Times New Roman typeface text Test Verdana typeface text

Text alignment:

Left hand side of the screen Right hand side of the screen Centered This paragraph is justified on both sided on the page. By default most browsers render text with a jagged right edge. If you want all text rendered like in a book with an even right edge you can use the justify tag.


Normal image: Float image right: Re-sized image:

Let's test some URLs:,part,of,url Test URL Anchor (bookmark you can link to): URL Anchor Some URL's within a sentence:;, ( and And some more:, ( and Google link: BBCode Wikipedia link: BBCode

Let's test some E-mail addresses:"> Joe Smith

Test headings:

Level 1 Heading

Level 2 Heading

Level 3 Heading

Level 4 Heading

Test acronyms and abbreviations:

Abbreviations: API CMS WWW Acronyms: SQL GIF radar

Code blocks:

Normal code block:
x := y + z;
y := a - b;
An inline code block Color highlighted PHP code block:

<?php  echo "Sample PHP code";?>

Test notag: These BBCode tags are [b]not[/b] converted to HTML! I'm happy


A simple quote: Quote:
This is a quoted message
Quote with source: Frank wrote:
This is a quoted message
Nested quotes: Gabor wrote:
This is a quoted message Alastair wrote:
This is a nested quote


A normal list (circular bullets, same as list=c):
  • x
  • y
  • z
List with discs (list=d):
  • x
  • y
  • z
List with squares (list=s):
  • x
  • y
  • z
Numeric list (list=1):
  1. x
  2. y
  3. z
Roman lowercase list (list=i):
  1. x
  2. y
  3. z
Roman uppercase list (list=I):
  1. x
  2. y
  3. z
Alfa lowercase list (list=a):
  1. x
  2. y
  3. z
Alfa uppercase list (list=A):
  1. x
  2. y
  3. z
A nested list:
  • x
    • isc;">
    • x.1
    • x.2
  • y
  • z

Table tags

row1col1 row1col2 row2col1 row2col2

Other tags

Test marquee: [move]Move tag - creates a scrolling display[/move] Horizontal delimiter: Force line break: --><-- Force space: --> <--

Test tag nesting:

large red text again - large red test with different tag order

Test multi-line tags:


Check for cross site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities

User-entered text with embedded script tags <script>alert(document.cookie);</script> will be encoded. Some other exploits: [=expression(alert(document.cookie));]Size tag[/] [=expression(alert(document.cookie));]Font tag[/] [float=expression(alert(document.cookie));]Float tag[/float] [url=javascript:alert(document.cookie)]Click here to see cookie[/url] [anchor=javascript:alert(document.cookie)]Anchor[/anchor] [img]javascriptgrinocument.location=''[/img] [img]javascript:al&#x65rt('XSS')[/img]'><script>alert(document.cookie)</script>

Some broken tags

We need to ensure that bad formating will not disrupt your site's HTML. Broken [b]bold text...
  • A broken list... Quote:
    A broken quote...


Oct 12 2010 10:02

how do you do the quotes where, when you're posting articles, it doesn't say "Quote:", but you still get the indent and the little bar to the left?

Oct 12 2010 11:17

< blockquote> text here < /blockquote>

- without the spaces. Also you need to set the input type to normal - some HTML allowed